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"Ann and the Angels"

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Abdy Electriciteh

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David Wilcock

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Ann and the Angels
Series 5 - "A Romance of Life"
Spend 12 weeks creating a love affair with life!

In Series 5 – “A Romance Of Life,” Ann & the Angels teach us how to create a love affair with life!  Too often we wait for external circumstances – the perfect person, the perfect job, etc. – before we allow ourselves to enjoy in a heavenly, loving experience of life right here and right now.  In reality Love is everywhere!  It is your birthright!  It wants to reveal itself to you in every single area of your life… and it wants to rise up from within you to help you create deep, meaningful, loving connections – some that last for a moment and some that can last for a lifetime. Using qualities present in human romance, Ann & the Angels re-interpret their spiritual essence and give us practical tips, tools, and techniques for allowing the love that lives within all creation to surface and transform our livesCLICK HERE for more information and tickets.

Cynthia Branchflower
Remote Healing live streams
November 14th, 2015

November 14th, we are live streaming 3 remote healing sessions with Cynthia which will include 1 session with a live audience at the SFTS Studio in Burbank. 

Abdy Electriciteh VOD

Jane Sibbett hosted this 1 hour session with Abdy Electriciteh.  We've already had many people sharing great testimonials about their experience of Abdy's energy on the live stream. You can also experience the energy that Abdy brought to the session by watching the VOD.  CLICK HERE

"If I could give advice to someone, from my heart, I would say: "Give yourself a gift to your soul and open your heart to a love experience with Abdy."  ~ Francisco, CA